Favorite GLSL Resources

My Favorite Resources for Learning GLSL

I figured it might be a good idea to put together some of the resources that helped me most to get the shader skills I now have.

Shaders have been of interest to me ever since I first found shadertoy.com. I’m not sure when exactly I found it, but I know around 2017 I started experimenting with editing existing shaders and soon after created my own account to store my experiments. After a while, I wanted to actually gain more precise control, to create something more like the great art I’d see there every day, so I started following tutorials and eventually made it to the abilities I have today. There’s still a lot to learn; by no means can I say that I’m done or that I have mastered GLSL, not even anywhere close. But the bandwidth of the pipeline from my brain to the screen has considerably widened, and that has been one of the best experiences of my life.

GLSL Shader Tutorial on ShaderToy

This set of tutorials was extremely useful in getting an understanding of how to use UV coordinates and manipulate the space.

The Book of Shaders

The Book of Shaders served a similar purpose as the above tutorials, but it was easier to read.

The Art of Code YouTube Channel

The Art of Code channel on YouTube taught me easily most of what I know about GLSL and helped me leap up out of 2D into the awesome freedom of 3D raymarching.

Inigo Quilez’s Stuff

Inigo Quilez’s resources have been extremely helpful for understanding 2D/3D SDFs, and he also has a YouTube Channel with videos going in-depth on how to “paint” beautiful raymarched scenes. I’m still going over these videos myself.

Hopefully, this is found helpful to anyone curious about GLSL and how to move forward in learning more about it. ☺